Used Cisco Hardware - Trimming Your Business Expenses

Fri, 03/04/2011 - 08:38 -- Chad Mize

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever for business owners to streamline costs associated with doing business. An effective way to substantially reduce the cost of building and expanding a network is to use refurbished hardware sourced from trusted suppliers. Such equipment would provide the same high quality at a fraction of the price.

Refurbished network hardware is the most cost effective approach to building business infrastructure. With rigorous reconditioning and testing procedures coupled with a strong warranty program, refurbished hardware offers the same level of assurance as that of new. It allows you to feel safe and secure, knowing that you are getting quality equipment at a great price.

Cisco hardware has always been synonymous with quality, durability and performance. However, New Cisco at the manufacturers suggested "list" price is quite expensive, and can quickly exceed a companies IT budget. Gently Used Cisco offers business owners a much-needed respite in this scenario.

The greatest benefit in buying Used Cisco is the cost savings. You get the same high quality and reliability at a fraction of the original cost. The key is purchasing from a reputable supplier that has rigorous testing procedures to ensure of proper functionality and genuine authenticity.

Startup businesses can benefit greatly from gently Used and refurbished Cisco hardware. Cash flow can be a difficult hurdle for new start-up and small businesses. Buying gently used Cisco and other used technology hardware from reputable vendors can go a long way to help build an affordable, scalable infrastructure without compromising on quality. Price is usually the key factor that dictates a purchase decision but buying from a reputable vendor will ensure that you are not sacrificing on product quality. Cisco hardware is undoubtedly the premier solution for small business and enterprise level routing and switch technology. Refurbished and gently Used Cisco is a great solution for entrepreneurs hoping to cut start-up costs and lower their budget expenditure.

If you were thinking that refurbished hardware would have no warranty, your fears are completely misplaced. A reputable technology hardware reseller like Network Systems Resale will stands by the products they sell by providing a full advanced replacement warranty, which is typically only available on new hardware with the additional purchase of a SmartNet contract. A company’s product assurance should undoubtedly reflect in the warranty they are offer.

Contrary to popular believe, Integrity and Reliable in the sale and remarketing of Cisco hardware is not limited to Cisco and Cisco’s channel partners. Network Systems Resale offers refurbished equipment as well as that of other leading manufacturers like IBM, Nortel, Extreme, 3Com, Juniper, Sun, Alcatel, HP and Foundry. All are available at a fraction of the price, shipped with full warranty, and without the typical lead-times associated with buying through the Cisco channel. Save money and time by buying used Cisco ( hardware from Network Systems Resale.

Author of this article is currently associated with Network Systems Resale, a global seller of new, refurbished and pre-owned network hardware technology. We provide huge discounts on used Cisco ( equipment as well as hardware of other manufacturers.