Refurbished IT Equipment: Advantages for Startups

Do you have a business plan ready to roll out, but the daunting costs of necessary equipment like network essentials are holding you back?

Necessities like new routers, switches, and other important equipment and products can quickly devour significant money for a start-up. You want the best, most reliable brand for your business – that’s Cisco. You also understand that communication is key in business-- IT is no place to cut corners. But you don’t want to run your business out of the back of your car, so you need an alternative option to the price of new IT equipment.

Price and performance are the two key factors that dictate where to begin your search. New Cisco systems can provide incredible security and performance, but are often unattainable due to cost for startups. To balance top-of-the-line performance with unbelievable price, startups should invest in gently used Cisco network equipment.

Gently used (refurbished) Cisco equipment is a great solution for entrepreneurs hoping to cut start-up costs and lower their IT budget spend. To ensure standards in quality are maintained, products are carefully chosen from models sent back to manufactures. The reason for a return can range from minor damage, to surplus stock, to simply being the wrong model. No matter the circumstances, refurbished IT equipment is vigorously application-tested and carefully inspected to make certain peak performance levels are attainable before being resold.

Network System Resale understands the need for immediate, reliable, and cost-conscious solutions for startups in today’s technologically-competitive environment. Every product we offer is carefully inspected by expert technicians with the highest standards in mind. We also provide a standard 90-day full-replacement-warranty on every product purchased, and offer an extended warranty option for up to 1-year. We know that time is money, and if necessary, will priority ship any replacements to help reduce possible downtime.