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DS1411025-E5 Enterprise Enhanced CPU Daughtercard for 8692SF (SuperMezz). Inlcudes dual 1GHz processors and 512MB memory.
DS1411026-E6 8010co 10 Slot NEBS3 Chassis Rack Mount Replacement Kit.
DS1411027-E6 8010co 10 Slot CO Chassis Power Supply Bezel Replacement Kit.
DS1411037-E5 Spare fan tray assembly for the 8003R chassis.
AA0020055-E6 Power Cord 16A/230V 3-Pin IEC60309, International.
AA0020056-E6 Power Cord 20A/250V NEMA L6-20 Twist Lock, North America.
AA0020057-E6 Power Cord 15A/250V AS 3112, Australia.
AA0020058-E6 Power Cord 13A/230V BS 1362, UK and Ireland.
AA0020059-E6 Power Cord 16A/250V GB 11918-89, Greater China
AA0020060-E6 Power Cord 15A/250V NEMA L6-15 Twist Lock, North America. This power cord is used with the 8005AC and 8301AC supplies in 220-240V AC twist-lock...


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