Cost Savings of Buying Used IT

When the economy struggles as it has recently, IT departments are often the hardest hit: forced to make do with what they have or purchase “sub-par equipment” in order to meet budgets.

Cisco routers set the benchmark for network platforms, but out of the box they can be expensive for many businesses to pocket. In this situation, deploying refurbished Cisco equipment becomes an affordable and attractive solution.

Many businesses are now opting to employ refurbished or used Cisco parts and equipment…for some it has even become common practice. This serves as a testament to both the initial quality of Cisco components as well as Cisco components enduring reliability.

Still, there remains a stubborn aversion to “buying used”. The fear of premature or pre-scheduled failure permeates IT departments, despite the fact that refurbished equipment is rigorously tested to meet original manufacturer specifications. Of vital importance is this simple rule of thumb when buying used or refurbished IT equipment: know your vendor.

Network Systems Resale specializes in selling both new and gently-used Cisco equipment. All remarketed and surplus I.T. equipment we sell is meticulously cleaned at our state-of-the-art testing facility. We offer adequate compensation in terms of warranties and customer service to make the purchase decision of used vs. new Cisco equipment less stressful, like our standard 90-day full replacement warranty on every purchase with extended warranty options of up to 1-year.

In today’s economic climate, what used to be a negative perception about opting to buy refurbished equipment may now be considered an economically-savvy investment. Acquiring high quality, gently-used equipment is simply a smarter outlay of budget because companies spend much less for equal IT performance.