7 Myths about Refurbished IT

Refurbished equipment suffers from the untrue perception that it is “sub-par” or “out-of-date”. In reality, gently-used, refurbished products are as good as new but much more affordable. These are seven myths that hold buyers back from finding great deals. Don’t fall for them!

Refurbished IT ≠ “Damaged Goods”
There is a myth that refurbished components have been significantly used prior to being resold. This is not the case. Unlike used items which can be owned for months or years and are resold as is, refurbished products are only in the possession of a buyer for a very short period before being returned to the seller. Most of the time, these products have not even been opened before being returned, but once returned they must be sold as refurbished equipment. The reason for return can range from a malfunctioning part or simply being the wrong model. Regardless, any imperfections are repaired or replaced before being inspected and returned to like-new condition.

Refurbished IT ≠ “Lesser Value”
The second myth about refurbished products is that they are of inferior value somehow. This stems from the confusion between used and refurbished (see above). Refurbished equipment is a great value and of the same quality of a brand-new item. By purchasing a refurbished product you can get the latest technology from the world’s most respected brands without paying the “sticker price”. It’s like getting a great deal on a like-new car with a few 100 miles on it versus buying a new car that loses half its resale value the moment you drive it off the lot!

Refurbished IT ≠ “Limited Quantity”
The third myth is that you can’t find what you want from a refurbishing company. On the contrary, IT refurbishing companies are careful how they list what products are available and typically have the largest variety of makes and models. Network Systems Resale keeps a huge inventory of Cisco parts and accessories and has resource relationships all over the world to locate any part you need.

Refurbished IT ≠ “Limited Quality”
Myth number four is an assumption of lack of quality. In the case of NSR, every refurbished product is the same quality as a “brand-new” product of the same model. The refurbished item was returned for some minor reason - a reason completely resolved by the refurbishing company before being resold. In fact our refurbished items are less likely to have problems than a like new model of the same make, because the error-prone aspect has now been discovered and addressed before being resold at a significant bargain.

Refurbished IT ≠ “Out of Date”
Another myth is that refurbished products are out-dated. That is false. Refurbishing companies like us carry up-to-date equipment at half-the-cost. These products are often only a few months behind their brand-new counter parts.

Refurbished IT ≠ “A Big Hassle”
A prevalent myth about refurbished equipment is that the great deal and value isn’t worth the hassle. Actually, purchasing brand-new products can be all the more painful, caused by companies who don’t provide comprehensive warranty or customer service. Refurbishing companies ensure the quality of their products and typically provide extensive services.

Refurbished IT ≠ “Defective”
The most prevalent myth about refurbished equipment is that the product is defective. This is illogical…no company worth their name would resell defective IT products in the age of the Internet. Each refurbished product is thoroughly inspected for quality, all problems are completely resolved and the product is resorted to like-new quality before making its way back to store shelves. In the improbable event that the product would fail again, the buyer is still protected by the warranty offered by the refurbishing company or manufacturer.